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Fly Zappers

Fly Zappers

We stock a selective range of the Vermatic Electric Fly Zappers. The Vermatic range is a top quality range of products. The fly zappers provide effective elimination of flying insects. They are available in an array of sizes.
Flying insects such as Bluebottle flies, wasps or moths are attracted to the UV light. Insects are then killed by a high-voltage electric grill. These insects are electrocuted by the electrically-charge metal grids.
No chemicals, no smell, no sprays, no mess, pollution free and harmless to humans and pets. It is ideal for using in houses, factories, food outlets, restaurants, canteens,offices, hospitals, etc.
The sizes available are a 16w, 20, 30w and 40w, all run from a 13amp plug. Each Fly Zapper has the option of being wall mounted (Chain Supplied) or freestanding.

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