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Orlen 5 Litre Hydrol HM46 Hydraulic Oil

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HYDROL L-HM/HLP hydraulic oils for hydrostatic systems are manufactured basing on high quality mineral base oils and a set of enriching additives improving antiwear, anticorrosive and antioxidative properties.

It provides:

- extended lifetime,
- reduces wear of hydraulic pump elements,


Hydrol® L-HM/HLP Phydraulic oils are intended mainly for heavy-duty power transferring systems and for hydraulic driving and control systems i.e. hydraulic gears, control mechanisms and other alike devices operating in hard conditions or in increased temperature or humidity.

Standards, approvals, specifications

Bosch Rexroth RE 90220-01 - Hydrol® L-HM/HLP 32, 46, 68
MAG/ Cincinnati Machine P-68 -Hydrol® L-HM/HLP 32
MAG/ Cincinnati Machine P-70- Hydrol® L-HM/HLP 46
MAG/ Cincinnati Machine P-69 - Hydrol® L-HM/HLP 68
Denison Hydraulics HF2/HF1/HF0- Hydrol® L-HM/HLP 32, 46, 68
ZETOR (Proxima, Proxima Plus, Proxima Power, Forterra) - Hydrol® L-HM/HLP 32, 46
FAMUR - Hydrol® L-HM/HLP 68
Bumech - Hydrol® L-HM/HLP 46, 68
DIN 51524 part 2,

ISO 6743-4

Oils with viscosity grade of VG 32, 46 ,68, 100, 150 have been approved for application in mining and are granted a certificate issued by the Central Mining Institute allowing to mark the product with the security sign.