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Charnwood Floorstanding Router Table (1/4'' & 1/2'' Routers)

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A versatile floor standing router table for inverted table routing. Can be used with any 1/4" or 1/2" sized router. The table top is made from a single piece of 35mm thick laminated MDF, to provide a flat and durable surface to work on. The mounting plate is made from a tough plastic which can be drilled to mount any router. The plate is held in place by magnets allowing tool free removal of the router from the table, when making adjustments or changing cutters. Two insert rings allow the diameter of the aperture to be reduced when working with smaller diameter cutters.

Secure clamping of the work piece is achieved by setting the 2 fence mounted featherbords, to hold the work down against the table top and the front featherboard to hold the work up against the fence. Using this method edge mouldings can safely be cut onto small pieces such as beading or picture frames.

For cutting across grain, or tenons, a metal mitre fence is supplied which runs in a T-slot along the front of the table. The mitre fence has stops at 45 degrees each way and at 90 degrees.

The guide fence has two adjustable faces which can be moved to match the diameter of the cutter. Two scales in the surface of the table allow fast and accurate setting of the fence.  

At the rear of the fence is an outlet for dust extraction. 

Supplied with 3 featherbords, mitre guide, lead in pin for curved pieces, 68mm diameter extraction outlet. Use our 100/63RC to convert for 100mm diameter extraction hose. 


  • Table Size: 800 x 600mm
  • Table Apertures: 97, 67, 32mm
  • Table Height: 870mm
  • Dust Outlet: 68mm
  • Mitre Guide T Slot (W x D): 19mm/ 23.5mm x 9.5mm
  • Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 1020mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 24kg

12 Months Guarantee!

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