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Sigma 3D4M Tile Cutter (90cm Push)

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-3D4M SIGMA tile cutter for push engraving.

-MAX 90 cm.

-At 45° a second metric scale gives the measurement of the diagonal.

-The ball bearing engraving wheel is cushioned to engrave thick or embossed tiles with minimal effort.

-Tile cutter designed to create a pushing incision- easy and deep. 

-Designed with double springing for a cushioned incision which is an essential when working with tiles with rough or textured surface. 

-Protection to avoid interchangeable marks. 

-Wide foot gap of 100mm which ensures the user can easily cut large tiles. 

-The grip slides on the guide leaning on a ball bearing. 

-Designed to produce a perfect straight incision due to the sliding surface of the wheel and guide bar which is working with the tool machine. 

-Gap foot which is designed of aluminium alloy, light but rigid, for an effective split. 

-Fluid and quick incision due to its pond ball bearing which the wheel rotates on. 

-The wheel is equipped with a recovery system of side clearance. 

-Easy to engrave on structured tiles due to its large diameter incision wheel. 

-Ergonomic Handle for push cutting. 

cutting length 90.5 cm
Diagonal cut tiles up to 64x64 cm
Cutting thickness up to 20 mm
Metric bar rotation  both directions up to 45 °